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Dana Herrera-jennings

Ms. Dana Herrera-Jennings
Female with highlighted curly hair and dark eyes.
Welcome 4th and 5th Grade Special Education Students!

Dear Students and Parents,


Welcome to my class 4th grade and 5th grade special education students! 


I am so proud to join the Special Education Team here at Mission Ave. Elementary School. Please know that I am committed to your students and to your families.


As your student's teacher - I am 100% available to you for questions and concerns. My number is 505-480-3601 and my email address is For quick questions (help logging into a program, a quick question about LIVE Google Meeting times) please text me with your students name and your concern and I will do my best to address your need right away. 


Please read my classroom expectations with your student and speak with them about how they can meet these expectations. 


Classroom Expectations:


-  I expect kindness towards one another first and foremost. 


- I expect my students to attend LIVE Google Meetings with me. This is part of your Special Education Service minutes. 


- I expect my students to keep their camera on at all times during our lesson.

*If there is an issues surrounding camera's please contact me right away so we can come up with a plan together*


- I expect my students to work in a quiet environment. 

*Please know I grew up in a family of 10 children with 1 bathroom and we were ALL homeschooled. While I understand multiple children in a household engaging in multiple activities - I am also aware that we can manage to find quiet spaces to work, regardless of the number of people in our household who are home at all times. Contact me right away if you need assistance with planning your home environment for multiple children. I am happy to provide this support.



Current Assignments