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A Message from the Redirector

The Redirection Program works in conjunction with existing school and classroom behavior management plans.  It provides support for students who are in need of more specific planning for appropriate behavior.

  • Redirection is an inclusive practice available to every student on campus.
  • Redirection can provide an immediate and consistent intervention in the cycle of inappropriate behavior.
  • Redirection can shorten the time that students are out of the classroom due to inappropriate behavior.
  • Redirection helps students plan for more appropriate and effective behavior by focusing on positive choices.
  • Redirection can provide students with a chance to learn from their mistakes and help them feel supported and successful.

If there is ever a concern that you would like to talk about, please feel free to call or come see me.  

Myrl Tillman

Contact me!


Mission Avenue STEAM Magnet Elementary School

room 104

344-5269 ext. 56749

Happy new school year

What a wonderful way to start the month. The weather has been great. Get ready the store will be opening soon.  





Third-Fifth grade teachers nominate students to be mediators.  I train them to help with non-aggressive behaviors on the playground.  This is a 5 week course during school times.  We will begin start our Mediation program September 18th.  

Big store items that you would like to purchase

Let me tell you how to save your Thunderbucks for what you would like to buy.  If you see an item that you would like and don't have enough bucks yet, let me know and I can take that item off the shelf and save it until you have enough to purchase it.  

Other ways that you can spend your thunder bucks

You can spend a hour being the principal, computer lab with Mr. R. working in pre K room, PE/Music/Art helper, read with Mr. Montano, archery with the coaches, and many more options.