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Students can access online resources.

Sunshine Math Explanation

Click ME to find out a quick explanation of the Sunshine Math Program. 

I offer this to students who like math, and are motivated to problem solve and learn more ways to solve math problems.

Sunshine Math Strategies

Click HERE to see tips for helping your child with the Sunshine Math problems.

One thing I strongly suggest is to do two problems a night, so the amount of work doesn't seem so much.

Debi Vigil

Welcome to Enrichment

Generally, Enrichment meets once a week for a whole day. Students still have their breakout classes, recess, and lunch with their general education class. Enrichment students are also required to attend the 30 minute Sunshine Math discussion on Mondays.

Supply List

Binders and spirals have been donated for each student, and I have a few classroom supplies, but there are still some materials we could use. For example, we are always running out of pencils.


copy paper


pink erasers

baggies (various sizes)



Elmer's Glue

Scotch tape

calligraphy pens

paper towels

clorox wipes


plastic page protectors


Note: These supplies are donated to the enrichment classroom for all to use.


Your Choice Assignments

Your Choice

That means you decide what you want to learn about.

You can read about something & take notes on what you didn't know...

You could invent something...

You could create a piece of art. Describe it and explain why you did that...

You could write a story...

You could do brain teasers...

The possibilities are endless! 

Enrichment Schedule

Monday: Sunshine Math for all grade levels is on hold for awhile.

Monday: 4th & 5th Office Hours 9:35-10:15

Tuesday: 4th & 5th Grades 9:35-10:20

Wednesday: 3rd, 4th, 5th Grades SuperScience 9:35-10:20

Thursday: 3rd Grades 9:35-10:20

Friday:  3rd Office Hours 9:35-10:15