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I will not send/email/link any extra homework at this time unless you specifically message me.  Just read, read, read!

Daily Breakouts

During virtual learning, we have 2 breakouts a day for 30 minutes each, at 8:25 & 1:45:

Monday - PE & Technology

Tuesday - Counselor/Library & PE

Wednesday - PE & Art

Thursday - Music & PE

Friday - Art & Music

*1:45 breakouts are usually independent work posted on the teacher's Google Classroom; but the teacher should be available for a Meet if needed during that time.


Michelle Joseph


My name is Michelle Joy Joseph.  I have taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade at Mission since 2006.  I am a level 3 teacher and achieved my National Board Certification in 2010, as well as renewed in 2019.  I am trained in Fundations, Benchmark Literacy, Stepping Stones Math, Istation Reading and Math, SAT, PLTW, ELD, and AVID.  Over the years, I have been Math Goal Team Leader, Student Assistance Team Leader, Literacy Goal Team Secretary, SIC chairperson, and 90-Day Plan Leader.   

Contact Info

Michelle Joy Joseph, NBCT

Elementary Educator

Portable 305

Mission Avenue STEAM Magnet Elementary School

725 Mission Ave.

What are we learning in Literacy?

This year we are focused on Essential Standards.  For literacy, those include:  phonological awareness, phonics & word recognition, fluency, key ideas and details, craft and structure, integration of knowledge and ideas, and a range of reading and level of of text complexity in literature and informational text.  We will also work on writing different text for different purposes, producing (mainly typing), researching to build and present knowledge, and range of writing.  Through Google Meets we will practice speaking and listening with comprehension and collaboration as well as presenting knowledge and ideas.  Through Google Classroom we will work on conventions of Standard English (capitals, spaces, end marks), knowledge of language, and vocabulary.

What are we learning in Math?

Again, we are focusing on Essential Standards this year.  For math, those include:  representing and solving problems involving multiplication and division, multiplying and dividing within 100, solving problems involving the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), developing an understanding of fractions, solving problems with measurements and estimation (time, liquid volumes, masses of objects), and understanding concepts of area and geometry.

What are we learning in Science?

Students learn about germs, bacteria, and viruses.  We will discover how they enter our bodies and what we can do to stay healthy.  I also did a Solar System Bitmoji classroom since the students were so interested in space.  :)

What are we learning in Social Studies?

Students learn about important people and events in order to analyze significant patterns, relationships, themes, ideas, beliefs, and turning points in New Mexico, United States, and world history in order to understand the complexity of the human experience.  Students interpret information from multiple resources and contexts to determine chronological relationships.  Students understand how physical, natural, and cultural processes influence where people live, the ways in which people live, and how societies interact with one another and their environments.  Students understand the concept of location by using and constructing maps, globes, and other geographic tools to identify and derive information about people, places, and environments.  Identify and use the mapping tools of scale, compass rose, grid, symbols, and mental mapping to locate and draw places on maps and globes.

class dojo

Take a peek at your child's behavior on Class Dojo.  Please remember if you log in with your email, you can look at how they are doing during the day and even send me messages.

common core

If you would like to take a look at what I will be teaching and your child needs to learn by the end of the year, here is a link for the Common Core:

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