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Volunteer Background Check Info

Get your Background Check Done

New volunteers must complete and pass an APS background check. All volunteers who plan to be apart of WatchDOGS, be on schools grounds or in the classroom, or help at any PTA event should get a background check.

Complete the background check online at this link: www.aps.edu/volunteer-with-aps.

A background check will be conducted based on the information provided within the application.  The $12 payment for the background check is requested within the application using PayPal and is non-refundable once the application is submitted. The background check is good for two years.

For more information contact:

  • Student, Family, and Community Supports Volunteer Programs (505)885-5267
  • Fingerprint/Background Dept. (505)889-4860

Completed the Background Check?

When you receive a notification email stating that you have cleared your background check, please bring a copy of the email to Mission Avenue's front desk so it can be placed in their records. Also, keep a copy of this email with you when volunteering at the school. 

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